Stop paying ridiculous rental application fees just to be told you're not approved! Save time and money with After you provide our team with a list of rental properties you are interested in, we get to work to get you preapproved at a rental property of your choice BEFORE you pay the management company’s or landlord’s application fee.  

        Bankruptcies - APPROVED *  Late Payments - APPROVED 

              Evictions - APPROVED  *   Broken Leases - APPROVED

             No Credit - APPROVED  *  Foreclosures - APPROVED  

                           Low Credit Scores - APPROVED   

Introduction primarily provides Credit Challenged Renters with a Rental Preapproval Package, which is a professional document presentation that entails a letter of recommendation, full rental application, rental history details, copy of our client’s credit history, household income details, and criminal background information. The Rental Preapproval Package is presented to our client’s chosen rental properties or corporate guarantors to review and make a preapproval decision based on our client’s details. The purpose of the rental preapproval package is to give potential management companies, landlords, or corporate guarantors a summary and review of our client’s full rental details to make a strong preapproval decision without our client being required to pay ridiculous application, admin, or processing fees. Our service objective is to save our client time and money by taking an upfront and transparent approach in locating rental properties that will approve them.  

 Approval Strategy

After our client receives their Rental Preapproval Package there are (2) strategies that may be used to secure the approval at our client’s chosen rental properties.

Present Your Rental Preapproval Package: The first strategy most commonly used by our client is to simply present their Rental Preapproval Package to property managers or landlords that manage the rental property they would like to be considered for. This strategy comes with 24 hour support from We don't stop working with our client until they are approved

Use Excellent Corporate Credit Instead of Your Low Personal Credit: The second strategy is a method called ‘’ Corporate Leasing ‘’ through a Corporate Guarantor. The purpose of a Corporate Guarantor is to use their excellent business credit, proof of financials, and credentials to submit a corporate lease at our client’s chosen rental property. If a client opts to use a corporate guarantor for the approval strategy will provide the client with a full list of Corporate Guarantors in our network in addition to their Rental Preapproval Package. After the client reviews the list of Corporate Guarantors, they are expected to select and contact the best corporate guarantor on the list they would like to move forward with.      

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What Is A Corporate Guarantor? 

A Corporate Guarantor is similar to a traditional co-signer, except even better! Our network of corporate guarantors have established excellent business credit, proof of financials, and positive rental history; which is used to secure the approval at our client's chosen rental property. This particular approval strategy helps qualified clients to rent anywhere of their choosing at just about any apartment community that accepts corporate leasing. The Corporate Guarantor will submit a rental application on our client's behalf under the management company’s corporate leasing option. The corporate guarantor will submit the client's name as the official occupant that will be residing on the rental property. The property manager will review the corporate guarantor’s financials, positive rental history, and excellent business credit score; which will grant the client housing approval. This approval strategy does not require a credit check at any point from the client, but applicants must have a clean criminal background and a source of steady income.

General Qualifications:

  • A Secure Job or Income.

  • Security Deposit or Risk Fee if required.

  • Must have proof of identity (Legal I.D Card).

  • Clean Criminal Background Check


First 3 Steps to Get Started



Submit your rental criteria, identity verification documents, and proof of income. 



Receive your Rental Preapproval Package SAME-DAY, select the best approval strategy to secure the approval at your chosen rental property.  



Our low one-time Application Fee Includes 24 Hour Support, the Rental Preapproval Package, and a full list of Corporate Guarantors.